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I am a graphic designer, digital enthusiast, lover of the idea, always learning, never stopping and collecting the odd classic movie poster along the way... oh and my 9-5 is consumed as Design Director at a great agency in the middle of town

I believe that thought-led design and development twinned with thorough research and a smattering of creativity are all intrinsically linked and the output can naturally be developed and should always relate back to the initial problem. I strive to make a difference and not just in the studio but for the greater good of using design as a problem solving tool.

As a Design Director and team leader I always have the vision of the overall picture and business goal in mind but continually ask questions of my team and look to push what is there just that little but further. With a grounded and successful history of pitching I have confidence to articulate my ideas in a concise way.

My interest in technology and coding has always got me hunting for different applications and ideas. I get very excited about developments and will always ask questions instead of accepting the norm.

Finally I am a positive person and look to challenge without being arrogant, I am doing a job that I love, what's not to smile about?


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Paint, unstirred

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Watch the clock, Musee D'Orsay

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